Sarah Haskins hört mit „Target Women“ auf

Alle Sarah Haskins Jünger und Jüngerinnen müssen jetzt stark sein…

… denn Target Women mit Sarah Haskins gibt es ab sofort nicht mehr.

Auf Jezebel spricht sie über das Ende von Target Women, über den Mangel an Komödiantinnen und Drehbuchautorinnen, warum sie glaubt, dass sich das bald ändert und über ihre neuen Projekte.

Dodai: So my first question, is, of course, how do you feel about the end of Target Women?

Sarah: The end of Target Women — or rather, me doing Target Women — is bittersweet. I’m really proud of what I — and everyone who worked on it — accomplished, but I think it’s also time to move on and take the funny new places.


Dodai: The late night wars are in the news, and I think it’s interesting that even though Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have their own primetime shows, late night is still a man’s world, mostly. Do you have any thoughts? Or answers as to why?

Sarah: I wish I had answers. I think comedy is changing, slowly — it’s still male dominated, but I knew (and know) so many great women working in the „grassroots“ scene – sketch and improv theaters and stand up. So, hopefully as this generation moves up, and men get used to working with women in comedy the argument that dudes need some sort of sacrosanct place to be gross and women don’t belong there will change. I’m referring mainly to the lack of female writers on those shows and the writing rooms.


Sarah: I firmly believe that women want to laugh almost as much as we want to darn socks…. maybe even more. I know — I sound like a radical.

Hier noch eine wohlverdiente Ode an Sarah Haskins.

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  1. ganz ganz großes SCHNIEFF :(
    aber ich hoffe sie wird ganz tolle neue projekte machen (eigene late night show, das wäre doch mal was … )

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